The Friday Funzone Five: Your Weekend Reading…

Welcome back to the Friday Funzone, you guys!

What’s great about the Friday Funzone is that, even when it’s not Friday anymore in Australia, it’s still Friday somewhere else.

To those of you who are new to the FF, we at DLM endeavour to bring you the most fun, troubling, interesting, hilarious stuff from all around the Internet based on our very narrow criteria:

  1. Will it make us better parents?
  2. Is it on brand?
  3. Does it make us go “Hmm”?
  4. Where did we leave that sandwich?
  5. Does it make us LOL?
  6. Does it make us think, “How good would a sandwich be right now?”

If the answer to all these questions is “I don’t know”, then, well, you’ve got a Funzone link on your hands!

Here we go…

I told my son about this thing saying that coffee was linked to obesity and he did the finger tap to the nose thing that people do when they want to say “You’re fat”.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but the DadBoner Twitter feed is hilarious. And as it happens, the subject of the feed, Karl Welzein, has written a bunch of columns for Vice online.

How to Not Get Burned by Some Lonely Ugg-a-Mug Babe Just Lookin’ for a Free Hot Meal on ‘Tines Day

How to Keep It Chillin’ Successfully After One of Your Pals Tries to Murder You by Accident

How to Keep It Chillin’ When Visitin’ a Piece-of-Garbage Palin the Hospital

Have a great weekend!