The Best July Posts from Daddy’s Little Miracle

You guys, I want to talk to you about a subject that is very close to my heart: Me.

I had the most amazing July on record, DLM-wise. There were so many milestones, so many laughs, so many tears. But through all those ups and downs, I remained steadily focused on myself and what I want to accomplish as a parent and as a person.

Here are the highlights:

This past month, for what may be the first time ever on a parenting blog, we tackled the subject of religion.

How to Raise Your Child with God

It wasn’t pretty and we made a lot of enemies, but in the end it was worth it because of all the fun we had.

Of perhaps equal importance culturally was my explanation of my weekend workout routine. My workouts have become famous for their simplicity and elegance, so it made sense that the routine became the most shared workout since Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s Muscle Fun Flex 5000.

Monday Affirmations: The Importance of Exercise

And who can forget the time I took my son and his buddies to see The Wiggles? I certainly can’t. And won’t. Ever.

Parenting Affirmations: How The Wiggles Made Me a Better Parent – and I Made The Wiggles a Better Wiggles

Also unforgettable was the beginning of my first screenplay, She’s My Sister, a stirring reminder of how unsettling first screenplays can be.

My First Screenplay: “She’s My Sister”, Pt. 1

Then there was this thing about a growling potty. Who buys a growling potty?

Monday Affirmations: The Growling Potty

Also, I wrote a letter to my son, who is Australian, about that most American of holidays, July 4th.

A Letter to My 3-Year-Old Australian Son Regarding July 4th

If you’re not on the floor weeping and whispering “God bless America” to yourself over and over again by the end, you might need to reassess why you’ve chosen a life without feelings.