My Son Filled Out His First NCAA Bracket!

I know he’s Australian and mainly cares about something called “cricket”, but I’m trying to get my little miracle baby excited about the National Collegiate Athletics Association tournament that’s happening right now in the United States of America (that’s where I’m from – don’t make a big deal out of it).

In fact, we watched the games together a couple years ago, soon after he was born, but it didn’t really take.

So now that he’s a bit older, I thought I’d get him to fill out his own tournament bracket. Maybe that would help him get invested, right? I wasn’t sure if he had been following the college basketball season, but children have a way of surprising you in delightful and adorable ways.

At first, he had some trouble filling out the bracket – as you can see here…


[Click to enlarge]


But we had a little talk about finishing what you start and he gave it another try. This is what he came up with…

[Click to enlarge]


As you can see, it’s a bit difficult to read, so I sat down with him and talked through his picks and wrote a more clear version.

There are definitely some surprises in here. Some seriously big calls. I think he was trying to pick the upsets in what is essentially a wide open field.

Just to avoid any confusion, I should let you know that he does have some quirky nicknames for the schools, so don’t let that throw you.

Take a look…

[Click to enlarge]


[Ed. note: This post originally appeared on March 23, 2013, but remains more true today than ever.]

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