Monday Affirmations: The Importance of Exercise

Anyone who knows me knows I like to stay fit. If you’re not in shape, you’re worthless, that’s my motto.

So I spent the weekend like I spend every weekend. Working out.

I’ve been having some trouble with my shoulders and my foot and my ankles and my knees and my back and my neck so I couldn’t work out as hard as I normally do. But I managed to get a couple solid sessions in.

Check it out:


30 minutes on the treadmill

20 pull ups

10 reps bench press (face down)

10 rounds of full contact foxy boxing

22 air punches

78 minutes on air guitar

9 pole vaults

1 unicycle race in a bear suit


Mountain climbing

Run with the hippos in Adelaide

Vacuum cleaner race

Outback survival death game

Horse tossing

Bigfoot hunt

5 laps in the inflatable pool

[If you need further details on how to follow this routine, please feel free to email me or leave your details in the comments.]
And that leads me to this week’s exercise-themed affirmations!

  • Even with all the responsibilities of parenthood, there is always time to exercise.
  • Prison isn’t that bad an option, exercise-wise. Lots of free time. And you’re in there anyway, so…
  • I need to take responsibility for how I ended up in prison: Hunting Bigfoots.

Have a great week!