Monday Affirmations: How to Show Your Children Love

It’s another Monday, you guys, and you know what that means! Parenting affirmations!

I can’t believe we’ve gotten here so quickly. Seems like just a few days ago it was Friday and we had the weekend to look forward to. Now what do we have to look forward to? Anything? Just a bunch of stupid parenting affirmations? Is that all we have?

I am not going to cry. I am not going to cry.

Now, a lot of you might be thinking, “Does that count as one of the affirmations?”

Well, yes.

But I’m going to give you three other affirmations anyway, because sometimes, that’s what being a good daddy blogger is all about.

  • My major goal in life is to be the best parent ever seen by this world or any other but if I fall short it’s someone else’s fault.
  • I understand that children constantly need motivation, so I use sweet treats to get them to do what I want them to do but I understand that there will be consequences later in life for both of us.
  • I demonstrate my love for my children consistently and in a variety of ways, including:


high fiving

fly fishing

“corn dogging”

pumpkin carving

apple picking

speed skating


helen hunting

good will hunting

motorcycle maintenance

Have a great week, you guys!