I Wrote an Unbelievably Entertaining List of Corporate Jargon

You guys, with all the writing I’ve done, you might be thinking to yourself, “Good Jesus, this guy is an amazing essayist. Truly, a William Hazlitt of our times.” My goodness, I’m blushing. A Hazlitt comparison, no less!

Thank you very much.

But the thing is, I don’t just write essays. I also write lists! Lists are all the rage these days. Everyone’s got 16 ways to manage this and 9000 steps towards your perfect that.

But my lists aren’t just lists. I mean, they are technically lists, but they’re also like miniature bibles, teaching people that their lives can mean so much more. With a deftness of touch you never imagined possible in such a confined space, they will show you a way to see. To hear. To feel!

I wrote one such list/bible for Women’s Health magazine about how to “speak corporate”:

Click to enlarge and have some fun for once!