Friday Funzone Five: Your Weekend Reading…

I know it’s a bit of a cliché at this point, you guys, but I’d just like to say TGIF (Thank Gumdrops Internet Friday [just invented this – don’t steal it])!

By now the Friday Funzone Five has become the stuff of Internet legend – a truly magical place that emerges once a week, firmly rooted in a zone of fun, related to the number five in some way. The DLM offices tend to shut down on the weekends so we can spend time with our families in church as well as our families in the casino.


  • I read this thing exploring why kids freak out to my toddler and he called all it “total horsh#$@” and kicked his bunny across the room. But I thought it was interesting.
  • I usually sign off on an email with “I’ll holla atchu, girl” even if it’s not a girl (that’s how real I am), but this thing calls for a moratorium on email sign-offs.

Have a good weekend!

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