The 9 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Moments with My Lady Friend

I know a lot of people like to downplay Valentine’s Day and its importance. A lot of lame people that are buzzkills that no one wants to know!

I LOVE Valentine’s Day and everything it involves. From giving flowers, to receiving exotic fudge, the classic rituals of February 14th never get old.

How do I keep Valentine’s Day with my lady friend so incredible year after year? Well, I’ll tell you… in pictures!

Here are the 9 best moments of what will surely be the most memorable Valentine’s Day of all time…



vday 2

I started the day off by personally delivering flowers to her office, which is a school, because my lady friend’s a teacher. A great teacher! (The classroom was actually empty, though – she was reading to nobody. Really weird, you guys.)



vday 1

Then my lady friend put on a blonde wig and I put on a crisp white t-shirt and we reenacted our engagement.



vday 4

Then I paid a TV news reporter to interview her about how amazing it was to be married to me. “No comment,” she said. LOL.



vday 3

My lady friend wanted to take the blonde wig off, but I was kind of into it, so we compromised with a this hat. And I bought her a big brown bear, which I had stuffed into a tiny pink box. She loved that trick!



vday 6

I bumped into actress and singer (?) and entrepreneur (?!) Anne Hathaway, which was weird. She just came over to my desk and said hello. Very nice woman.



vday 8

I had to take a quick flight for a business trip (I’m a business man) and guess who I was sitting next to – Bradley Cooper! He looked amazing and I think he was hitting on me. Not sure. But it sure was nice of whoever took this picture to give me a copy.



vday 9

While I was on my business trip (I told you – I’m a business man), my lady friend went a little nuts and just started staring at this heart with chocolate in it. She couldn’t look away. She saw neurologists, had a CT scan, all of it.



vday 10

The doctors recommended a long bath with a rose, so that’s what she did. I think she got pretty deep into the champagne because she stayed in that tub for a really long time, just staring into the distance, thinking about what a miracle Valentine’s Day is, I assume. (Whoever took these pictures did an amazing job, don’t you think?)



vday 5

When I got back from my business trip, my lady friend was still fixated on the heart, so I bought her a big white bigfoot monster that I had stuffed into another tiny pink box. She loved it! Almost as much as she loves flannel tops. She’s so casual!

When she started telling me about the extraordinarily difficult time she had with the heart and the hot tub, I said, “Well, that’s Valentine’s Day for you…” and we both laughed and laughed and laughed.


How did your Valentine’s Day go, you guys?

That bad?


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