The Great Circumcision Debate Resolved

I don’t know how they do it, but the good people over at Jezebel seem to have their fingers constantly in and around the pulse of parents and their websites.  In a recent post, they republished an article by a woman coming to terms with circumcising her son.  I don’t want to oversimplify her reasoning, but apparently, God wanted her to do it.

Now, as with most of these sorts of things, I did not read the whole story.  But it really got me thinking:  Is it okay to chop off your son’s penis?

No, of course it isn’t.  That isn’t even what circumcision is.  I understand that now.  Circumcision is cutting off just a piece of your son’s penis.

But is it wrong or is it right?  Well, that depends on who you are and what sort of arrangement you have with your deity.  I’m a sun-worshipper, and as far as I can tell, the All Powerful Star (APS) hasn’t said anything to me about taking a knife-whack at my boy’s ding-dong.  Yet.

But there are also medical concerns.  What if my son eventually goes on one of those seemingly innocent college road trips that culminates in prolonged relations with several night workers and catches something (we’ve all been there, am I right?) – would he have been better off getting circumcised?  Maybe.  But what’s he doing going on road trips in the first place?  Why isn’t he studying?  His mother and I are not paying $300K a year for him to go on a prostitute spree (a prostispree).

And what about the aesthetics issue?  Does a penis look better without the foreskin?  Does it look better with a cape?  What about a little beret?

If you still find yourself less than confident, there’s always the Circumcision Decision-Maker.

And if that doesn’t help, I suggest we all fight it out in the comments section.


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