The Friday Funzone: My God… Edition

Happy Friday, you guys!

But maybe it isn’t so happy. Maybe you’re sitting there, begging, dying for the someone, anyone to give you something, anything to read over the weekend.

Well… welcome to the Friday Funzone!

I don’t want to overstate things, but this site My God… What Happened Here? is mind blowing. Evil and terrors lurk around every corner and this blog captures it beautifully. And it’s interactive! Submit your own example of horror here.

One of the best things about reading news is that you become more and more aware of how close to sudden death you are! It’s from a couple years ago, but this thing in the Guardian says that the top 3 ways to get a brain aneurysm is to drink coffee, exercise and blow your nose hard. Tick, tick and tick.

FeedBuzz is pretty funny. Read this and this.

Thought Brochure is also funny.

This thing was a pretty good read about controlling your online addiction. If only I could apply the same principles to my cookie dough addiction! LOL! OMG! YOLO!

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