The Friday Funzone Five: Your Weekend Reading!

You guys, people don’t just come to this site to have an amazing amount of fun. People also look to Daddy’s Little Miracle as a place for unfiltered, unbiased information on parenting and world culture. For a lot of these readers, we’re a guiding light, a kind of parenting poet / prophet.

And while most of the week is dedicated to satisfying the desire for amazing fun and information, the end of the week provides the perfect opportunity to add the cherry on top. Nothing fancy, just a few things from around the Internet that we think you might need to read to become a better parent and person over the weekend.

Welcome to The Friday Funzone!

– A lot of sites bait you with numbers in the headline and then make you feel like a moron for wasting your time there. This person wished they had known ten things before becoming a parent. It’s written in Lifehacker’s typically utilitarian style – fun, but not snarky.

– A touching tribute to Jonathan Winters from Robin Williams.

– This thing makes fun of Australians for watching American sports [link has been removed].

– This thing about racist rabbits was terrible. My boy loves bunnies! Some of his best friends are bunnies. His one best friend is a bunny. Now he looks at his bunny and asks him, “Are you a f&#*@@#ing racist?” So sad.

– This was cute. Apps for new mothers. Are there apps for new fathers? Who knows? Nobody cares.

Have a good weekend!

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