The Chicago Relatives Love My Little Miracle Baby To Pieces!

For me and my lady friend, one of the best things about visiting family is how wonderful and loving everyone is.  Our relatives just can’t get enough of my little miracle baby.  Sometimes they even say things like, “When are you going to move to the US so I can be with you every day?!”

That’s just people being delightful, but sometimes it gets awkward:

Relative:  Oh, my God he’s so cute!  You have got to keep him here in Chicago!

Me:  Oh, I don’t know…

Relative:  But you have so much family here.

Me:  Well…

Relative:  Oh, just leave him here with me.  I want to eat him up!

My Little Miracle Baby:  He said no!  What is the matter with you?!

Me:  Now, son…

MLMB:  We are not moving to this place.  It’s freezing outside and it’s almost *$#@-ing June.  Now pick me up and get me out of here.

My baby didn’t need to be so harsh (and I really need to have a word with him about the salty language), but he has a point.  This is what it looks like in Chicago right now:

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