The Best Christmas Books for Kids!

Christmas is right around the corner, you guys. We put a tree up and my boy had a whale of a time. He loves hanging the ornaments, shaking the tree so the ornaments fall off and then smashing the ornaments. He’s a little miracle. What can you do?

Well, I don’t know what you can do, but I read Christmas books to him. It calms him down and gets him ready for another day of destroying ornaments.

But when it comes to Christmas books, my boy deserves only the best. Which ones are the best?

Here’s my list:

The Night Before Christmas

– Clement Clarke Moore


The Christmas Miracle

– Susan Wojciechowski


Big Teeth, The Christmas Shark

– W. T. F. Wolcott


Elsie The Christmas Elf/Human/Bird Hybrid

– MC Hammer


God Gave Us Christmas

– Lisa Tawn Bergren


God Took Christmas Away And Is Holding On To It Until You Lose Some Weight

– Bruce Springsteen


Santa Claus Vs. The Radical Homosexual Liberal Agenda

– Charles Dickens


How Mrs. Claus Got Her Groove Back With A Huge Divorce Settlement

– Harry Hamlin

How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

– Dr. Seuss


Santa’s Dangerous Weight Problem Makes Him Unfit To Lead

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Why Are We Eating Reindeer? Because It’s Christmas!

– Doris Day


The Sexy Origins Of Jingle Bells

– William Shakespeare


Father Christmas Sees The Positive Side Of Austerity And Supports A Strict Immigration Policy

– J. K. L. O. L. Rowling


Daddy’s Stripping This Christmas – Just Like Last Year

– Ian McEwan


Frosty, The Cocaine Mule

– Laurence Olivier