SwimFin Makes Safety Fin-tastic and, If We’re Being Honest, Fun-tastic

A lot of people look at me and think, “This guy takes risks. He’s in love with danger and it’s pretty scary. Sexy scary.”

A LOT of people think that.

But the truth is I’m in love with safety, especially where my little miracle baby is concerned. And even more especially where swimming is involved.

I don’t know about other four-year-olds, but my son is a bit of a wild man when it comes to water activities. Whenever he spots a body of water, whether it be an ocean or a pond or a puddle, he races towards it and jumps in. And while he is taking swimming lessons on Sundays (“The pool is my church,” he says), he’s certainly no Ian Thorpe at this point.

Thank Jesus then for SwimFin Australia, who have teamed up with Olympian swimmer Libby Trickett and The Wiggles (maybe you’ve heard of them) to help keep kids safe in the water.

First of all, this SwimFin thing is fantastic. My boy used it in the pool and loved every minute of it. Normally, we squeeze him into flotation vest but this was a lot more comfortable and effective. He was knifing through the water like a… well, like a knife.

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

action shot

Look at him go!!



in water

Here’s some more swimming!!


going after old man

Can you believe this angle?!?! What a shot!!


The SwimFin kept the boy afloat and in a physical position which allowed him to focus on his stroke. It works for doing the back stroke, too. The only downside was that some people thought there was a large purple plastic shark in the pool.

“Jesus save us!!” they screamed. “The purple plastic shark beast is calling us to account!!”

(If we’re being honest, I think their intense fear was more about them than my son.)

But SwimFin isn’t just putting out colourful, strappable shark fins. They’ve also produced safety videos with The Wiggles (maybe you’ve heard of them), which you should watch over and over again until their important message sinks in.



A lot of you probably watched those videos and wondered, will these SwimFin fins actually turn my child into a shark or some other sea creature? Well, the answer is no. That won’t happen.

And just to avoid any other confusion, here is a list of other disclaimers that you should know about this product before you hurry up and buy it here:

The fin will not not make you or your child a “super fast” swimmer.

The fin will not grant you three wishes.

Regardless of what the SwimFin fin can or can not do, it does not represent proof that Aquaman is a real person.

The fin will not keep you warm at night.

If worn outside the water, the fin will not make you an expert in karate or any other self-defence technique.

If you are having difficulties in your marriage, the fin will not “act as a mediator”.

There are probably a few more things we could list here that should be common sense, but we’re running out of room. So if you have any other questions about the SwimFin fin and what it’s capable of, feel free to email me.

Stay safe, everyone!


  • Nacho Sanchez says:

    That fin is pretty dope. Does it come in other colors? How much do you want for yours? My uncle Chucho can’t swim, he is like 450 pounds but I think this can help him. Does it come in very large sizes,?.

    • Nick Bhasin says:

      Dearest Nacho,

      The fin does come in many colours! Just check out the link in the post.

      Unfortunately, mine is not for sale. My boy loves it too much to part with it. But I’m sure, with some convincing, we could work out a share problem with your uncle Chucho. How many kg’s is 450 pounds. I live in Australia now and no longer understand anything non-metric.

      I believe the fins are one size fits all, which, I assume, includes your uncle Chucho.

      Thanks for reading and good luck!


  • Nacho Sanchez says:

    Also, does it come in different flavors?

    • Nick Bhasin says:

      Dearest Nacho,

      I do not recommend eating the SwimFin fin.

      That said, I’m sure it’s delicious! They probably taste like cheese, if I had to guess.

      Best of luck in the future and thanks for reading!


  • Nacho Sanchez says:

    My uncle Chucho says he wants to buy this so he can learn how to swim. He is 459 pounds. Does your fin come in very large sizes? Do I need extenders? Do I need to buy goggles for the chlorine in the water? Thank you for your help Dr. Miracles.

    • Nick Bhasin says:

      Dearest Nacho,

      It sounds like you love your uncle very much.

      I would not recommend this officially, but you could try to buy several SwimFin fins and glue them together to create one huge SwimFin fin. Like I said, I don’t know if that will work for your uncle Chucho. I’m not a scientist. I just love the SwimFin fin.

      I am also not a doctor. Not a real one, anyway. But I will happily provide medical advice to your uncle Chucho and that advice is this: Be safe in the water!

      As for your goggles question, I would get them. They look good and they allow you to see under water, whether it has chlorine in it or not. I’ve worn goggles in the shower!

      I don’t know what extenders are but I recommend buying anything that extends your safety in the water.

      Thanks for reading!


  • Nacho Sanchez says:

    dear mr. Miracles baby. Thank you for your advice. I will tell my uncle Chucho that he will one day be able to swim. For now I will keep him moist with a wash cloth. It has a shark on it like your shark fin. Hahahaha! I hope your other readers feel comfortable writting on here and sharing stuff. Let’s all be friends ok.

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