Sometimes Daddies Get Angry

Children will sometimes do things that make you angry.  That’s just a fact.  For example, I was trying to watch television the other night.  I had curled up on the couch with my usual jar of peanut butter and three chocolate Easter bunnies and turned on the TV and boom!  The resolution was all out of whack and things were bigger than they should have been.  My crazy little miracle baby, who loves to play with the remote controls, had clearly been messing with it.

Well, I got angry.  And as I tried and failed to figure out how to change the resolution back, I got even angrier.  “What does a guy have to do around here to watch TV like a normal person?!” I yelled.

Then a picture of my baby playing with blocks came up on my computer.  He was so adorable.  I stopped feeling angry.

Then a picture of my baby changing the TV’s resolution came up and I got angry all over again!

So I stuffed peanut butter and chocolate into my mouth until I fell asleep.

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