How I Lost 117 Pounds (Only 239 to Go!) As a Single Dad – by Gary Adams

Hello, my name is Gary Christopher Adams, and I live in Pineville, NC. I am an average 51 year old man. I enjoy spending time on my home computer system, walking to the video store, lunch with my mother on Sundays, and spending “happy hour” time with my best gal friend (Ruby Jo) from Weight Watchers (I have lost 117 pounds so far and loving it)!

Becoming the life of the party

Okay, I’m going to open up a little bit now, LOL: I used to be quiet and shy, but believe it or not, to my friends in “computer cyber space” I have always been known as the “life of the party” HOLLAAAA!!!!

When me and Ruby Jo met up at Bahama Breeze and agreed to have a child, I saw on Dr. Phil that a parents’ shyness and introversion could hinder a baby’s social development. So I decided right then and there that I would “break out of my shell” and become the “party animal” I knew I always was. This was my dream, and I wanted to make sure my son got to meet the real me (the me only my cyber friends knew).

The first thing I did was pause my AOL account (no more chatrooms for a while, sorry @bigdaddymustache and @fuzzybearcarlos). I also cut my weekend hours at the job I loved (I am the new weekday assistant manager at A Christmas Place), and I enrolled in public speaking classes at a local Learning Annex. OMG, standing up in front of all those people, talking about my feelings made me so nervous, I found myself sneaking off to puff on my e-cigarette when no one was looking ROTFLX1000!

By the time my baby boy (Toby) was born, I felt like a new man. Like a real man, like Ryan Gosling in Drive, or The Notebook. I felt so powerful  and manly, I could explode. I call it my “man juice”. And I got filled with so much man-juice, I just wanted to scream to the world “My name is Gary Adams, look at me, I’m a real man, and I matter”!

Family fun

Today, we are one big happy family. Toby, me, Ruby Jo, and Quarrell (Ruby Jo’s new boyfriend) go out every weekend! We plan everything around Toby’s schedule. We even went to the One Direction concert, WOOWOOHOLLA!!! We had to sneak Toby in under Ruby Joe’s Snuggie, and I think I smelled drugs, but Toby loved it (his favorite song is What Makes You Beautiful : ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Being a dad (or a mom LOL) is not for everyone. You have to be the best person you can be so your baby can get to know the real you. I have cut my chatroom time to about 4 hours a day (a baby changes your priorities!), and I only have about 239 pounds left to lose. When I reach my goal, the whole family is going down to Pensacola Beach for our first family vacation to celebrate. I even made myself promise Quarrell that I would take my shirt off at the beach and show him my “guns” ROTFLX5000000000!!!).

In addition to “public speaking”, I have also started taking “stand up comedy” lessons at the annex on Tuesday nights (sometimes I bring Toby with me and we’re the life of the party, LOL!!!!!). I’ll let y’all know when we’re performing our act together! Hint: It’s going to be a duet!

Yours truly,

Gary Christopher Adams AKA “NC Party Dad!!!”


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  • Gladys Adams mclatchy says:

    My sweet, sweet boy! I am so proud of you! You have come so far! You will reach your goal I know it! Ps, gammy just finished your ventriloquist costume for your dummy act with Toby! I can’t wait to see baby Toby in a top hat!!! Also, do you still want your old build a bear stuff? Should I donate it?

  • Mark Waldman says:

    I can’t even. As a father, I don’t know who to be more disgusted by, the man who brings his little baby to a drug-filled environment or the mother who is clearly enabling him. Is this a joke? Mr. Adams, don’t you think you chose the exactly WRONG time to become “the life of the party”? YOU ARE A FATHER. Maybe you should try acting like one? Do you know where your son is while you go on and on about your man juice? (Gross)

    I think it’s wonderful that you’re finally getting control over your weight problem. That is truly inspirational. I myself could stand to lose a few pounds. BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF MY CHILDREN. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth coming out of your shell if it comes at the expense of your precious little boy. A ventriloquist act? Do people even do those anymore?!

    As for Gladys, ma’am, you should donate that build a bear whatever to family services, because THAT’S where all this is headed.

  • Gladys Adams mclatchy says:

    Mr. Waldman, every parent is different. His therapist says he has to express himself, and if that means performing with his baby on stage as a ventriloquist, or Santa, or a head hunter, then so be it. The important thing is that my Gary has stopped cutting himself. He is bettering his life, and now with Toby he has a reason to. Please delete your post. If Gary reads it he will most certainly become sad. He is not allowed to be sad at his Christmas store.

  • Hotus says:

    One diete I seen have a man eats only carrots and his skins turn orange, so be careful with ALL DIETS. Even when, the baby has been borned it still gets ‘nutrients’ from the parents, just nutrients of the mind .and spirit. Good luck on your journey

  • Nick Bhasin says:

    Okay, I’m going to have to step in here, I think. I realise that the DLM Dads series can be sensitive, but I’m going to request that we keep the comments respectful. And that means no sexism, racism or name-calling.

    Daddy’s Little Miracle is a place where dads should feel safe to be themselves, but not at the expense of others.

    Thank you.

  • Gladys Adams Mclatchy says:

    I agree with Mr. Bhashir. This is not the place for hate or racism. The world is full of it and I’m sick and tired of it. I ask that you please erase these comments so Gary doesn’t see them. He is very nervous about putting himself out there. My son, Gary is a good father. He works hard at his job so he can buy baby Toby all kinds of nice things. Just the other day, he went to an expensive store at the mall and bought spa and beauty products for his bath. He also planted a tree in his name and scattered his father’s (my ex husband’s) ashes over it (bless Ronald’s soul). Baby Toby laughs every day because Gary is teaching him that it’s OK to be silly. He even dresses Toby up in funny Disney costumes like Peter Pan, Captain Hooks, The Little Mermaid, and Belle. So don’t you, Mr. Waldman, lecture me on my son’s “man juice”, because I assure you, he is more man than you will ever be. And when he is rich and famous from doing his comedy on the television, you will be eating your hat, sir!

  • Hodus says:

    To eat your hat is a HOLE different type of diete, Glabys!

  • Hodus says:

    I spelled my name worong in the earlier internet post. Hodus

  • Mark Waldman says:

    I am starting to see the kind of people who comment on this website. Are all of you people in the same circus? What kind of name is Hodus?! And they’ve got this new thing called punctuation. Look into it. I’m so angry I could spit.

    Gladys, I don’t know who you’re talking to when you say to take the post down. Are you aware that I am not in charge of this website, but merely a reader? I don’t have that kind of power. Maybe you should ask your “son” to take it down. And do you mean take down The comments or The post? Why am I even bothering?!

    I am serious. This is The last time I comment on or read this website. I’m furious!!

  • Mark Waldman says:

    One more thing. I’m aware of The fact that my “The”s are incorrectly capitalized. My computer’s doing that. NOt me.

  • Mark Waldman says:

    That last misspelling was me.

    I am so angry.

  • Nick Bhasin says:

    Okay, let’s everyone calm down. Ms (Mrs?) Mclatchy, please refrain from comparing your son’s manhood to that of others.

    And Mr. Waldman, I understand your outrage. I hope you haven’t been too offended and will continue to come back to the site as every single DLM reader is a valuable one.

    And Mr (Ms?) Hodus, thank you for reading and commenting. I’m not sure about that carrot diet, but it sure does sound interesting.

    Thank you all again for reading and respecting DLM’s commenting rules.

  • Gladys Adams Mclatchy says:

    My son, Gary has just read these exchanges and has locked himself in his van. I hope you’re all happy. It’s so cold out there and all he’s wearing are his athletic shorts and a Christmas sweater. I need help!

  • Anonymous says:

    You are all crazy. Children’s services needs to step in here and take that poor child away! Gary sounds like a ticking time bomb! How can this site enable this behaviour?

  • Mark Waldman says:


  • Nick Bhasin says:

    Dear Anonymous, thank you for reading and posting your comment. Speaking for DLM, our intention was only to provide a space where Gary could talk about being a dad in the hopes of sparking a dad-related conversation. While we regret the sometimes nasty tone that conversation has taken, we believe open debate to be an important part of the parenting conversation.

  • Jerry says:

    Real piece of work this guy! And that Albert Valetta guy doesn’t deserve the attention he’s getting from you or your site. How can a guy who killed a man with a beer can be capable of raising a kid! I’ll be his PO would love to know what he’s up to these days!

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