Parental Leave Day 2: Can you believe the Oscars?

Inspired by several media outlets, my little baby gave me a quick rundown of what worked and what didn’t work about last night’s broadcast.  He used a lot of grown up words and profanity that I won’t include here.  Frankly, I was surprised by how opinionated this guy is.

What worked:

James Franco: “People are wondering if he was stoned.  I hope he was stoned.  At least one of us would have been having a good time.”

Wish 143‘s loss to God of Love in the Best Live Action Short category: “Wish 143?  You know what Wish 144 is?  I wish I hadn’t seen Wish 143.”  (My little baby later admitted to me that he hadn’t actually seen Wish 143.)

Melissa Leo’s salty acceptance speech: “I love a woman that isn’t afraid to speak from the heart.  And if her heart is full of F-bombs, all the better.”

What didn’t:

The King’s Speech‘s wins: “I’ve found more surprises in my diaper.”

Natalie Portman’s dress: “What.  Was.  She.  Wearing.  Seriously, what was she wearing?  I didn’t see.  I passed out from shock when Jennifer Lawrence didn’t win.”

All those singing children at the end: “I almost sprained my hand filling in my List of Kids I’m Going to Beat Up When I Get Older.”

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