Calling All Dads! Write for Our New Series: DLM Dads Tell All!

When I started Daddy’s Little Miracle, I imagined it would thrive as a community of dads living, loving and sharing their experiences.

I’ve asked lots of fathers I know to participate – from Barack Obama to Father John Misty to Henry Kissinger – but I haven’t had a lot of luck, mostly due to the hard-hitting, in-your-face, we’re-dads-deal-with-it nature of the material on the site. Some daddies just don’t know how to face, wrestle and have a beer with their demons like I do.

But little by little, new dads are coming forward – out of the closet, if you will – to share their hilarious (and deeply touching) parenting tales.

And so I’d like to introduce a new series – DLM Dads Tell All – where other dads will share their stories of fatherhood. You’re sure to laugh, you’re sure to cry, but most importantly, you’re sure to love it.

Our first story coming soon is from Jerry Valetta of Murdo, South Dakota (I think – still haven’t nailed that down). He has a tale that you will not want to miss. Please be sure to give him an enthusiastic DLM Welcome. And go easy on him in the comments!

But don’t feel like you can’t participate! I’m officially opening this up to all the DLM readers out there!

Are you a dad?

Do you want to write for Daddy’s Little Miracle?

Do you want a little button that says “I’m a DLM Dad… Who the &$#@% Are You?”?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, please get in touch through the Contact page and let your voice be heard!

(However if you’re just looking for a free button, you’re out of luck because I haven’t made any.)

And, as always, thank you for reading – and for just being you. Because that’s what good parenting is all about.

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