My Toddler’s Oscar Predictions

Only a couple of days until the Academy Awards ceremony, you guys!

One of the very first bonding experiences (he was only eight-months-old!) I shared with my little miracle baby was watching Hollywood’s biggest night of nights, when the brightest stars come out to shine!

This is going to be our third Oscars together and we’re both really excited. In fact, earlier today, I caught my son lying on the floor, filling out a ballot all on his own!

It was so adorable that I just had to share it with you guys.

[Ed. note: I should warn you guys that the ballot does contain some of the boy’s notes, which can be quite crass and juvenile, but he’s not even three yet, so what can you do.]

[Ed. note 2: For some reason, there also appear to be a few nasty barbs about my weight included, which is less than ideal.]

[Ed. note 3: He’s also made some particularly harsh judgments about the films and I just want to stress that, unlike my son, I love all the movies nominated now and in perpetuity and would never disparage something so many people worked so hard on for so long.]








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