My Son Lashes Back at That “Go the F$#@ to Sleep” Book

I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but there’s this kids’ book that’s all the rage and it’s got a saucy title, which is only helping it with the rage.  It’s called Go the F*@$ to Sleep.  In it, the author tells his child to go to sleep – with profanity!

Now, while I would never begrudge another daddy’s success, I don’t think that kind of language is necessary.  I mean, maybe this guy’s baby isn’t a little miracle like mine so he feels like he has to use strong words like that to get the child to fall asleep.  I don’t have that kind of problem.

When I mentioned the book to my son, he said he had heard about it and was already planning a few books of his own.  As a parent, I try to never discourage my boy from doing anything creative, so I took a look at his list of potential titles…

I Don’t Let People Talk to Me Like That

That’s Mighty Big Talk for a Man Who Wears a Cardigan
You Want Me to Go to Sleep? Get F*$*#&@

I Really Want to Go to Sleep, But I Keep Having This Recurring Dream that You Ate Too Much Ice Cream and Put Yourself in the Hospital Because You’re a Greedy Fatty

Sure, I’ll Go to Sleep.  Right after I Punch You in Your F*&@!##&@ Face

Those are actually the most printable titles.  The rest aren’t so much titles as profane poems, the ramblings of a sociopath.

I told the boy he might have a hard time getting some of these books published, but that he should get out there and do his best.  But that’s just what good parenting’s all about.


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