My Little Miracle Baby Got a Haircut

You guys, when you’re raising a small child, gender politics often comes into play.  As soon as the child is born, you’re giving him blue balloons if he’s a boy and pink hydrangeas if he turns out to be a girl.  Girls wear pretty skirts and corsets and fox fur boas and t-shirts that say “Party Tramp!”  Boys wear construction boots and frilly collars and knickerbockers and t-shirts that say “Guess Who’s Horny!”.  And so forth.

I was thinking about all of this when I came upon this fascinating article over at Babble, which addresses the issue of whether it’s okay for a boy to have long hair.  As usual, I didn’t get past the first couple of sentences, but it made me wonder:

Did my little miracle baby need a haircut?

He’s a boy, but he had long, flowing locks, looking a lot like Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall

You could get lost in those eyes and forearm muscles!

Or Patrick Swayze in Point Break

Blond highlights in the hair AND perfectly trimmed beard?  Yup!

Sure, both of those guys are dreamy.  But when people saw my boy on the street, they told him he looked like a pretty girl.

“Who’s a pretty girl, then?” they’d say.


“Ooh, you’re going to be the belle of the ball!”


“Hey Dorothy!  Where’s Toto?”


“Hey, Little Orphan Annie!  Where’s Toto?  I mean, where’s Daddy Warbucks?  I mean, what time is it?”

So we decided to cut his hair.

Now he looks like Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith…

It’s that glare that won Angelina Jolie’s heart!


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