My Family’s Thailand Vacation Photos Will Melt Your Cold, Angry Heart

One of the best things about having a family is going on vacation and taking pictures of said family in said vacation areas.

I can’t imagine what my vacation photos would be like without my family. They’d be terrible! I don’t even want to think about it!

How do we make such wonderful photographic memories? By following three simple rules:

  1. Always make a hilarious face.
  2. Always put your clothes on backwards.
  3. Always make sure whatever you’re eating or drinking falls all over your backwards clothes.

And it works! To most people, whether they be strangers or loved ones, our family vacation photos say one thing:

“This family has so much love in its life and it knows how to make the most of every moment and it makes the world a better place. And I don’t.”

Now, I’m sure a lot of these people are being too hard on themselves but they are mostly correct. My family is incredible. We have a great time and we look great doing it.

Take, for example, our trip to Thailand. We had such a blast! We LITERALLY jumped around and held hands the whole time. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai, we LITERALLY could not stop smiling. I’m serious. Our photos are like a freakin’ smile catalogue.

That said, I won’t be sharing any of those photos here. I just won’t. It makes me uncomfortable and I don’t like it. I don’t like it!

But I will post the other photos we took, which paint a picture of a beautiful country with a vibrant culture.

Now, I fancy myself a bit of a “photograph taker” or “photographer” so an elevated sense of photographic artistry and craftsmanship is also apparent in these photos. But don’t let that intimidate you. Just hang in there. There’s something for everyone in this collection. I promise.



Day 1:

As soon as we put our bags down in the hotel in Chiang Mai, we headed out to see Slot Machine perform live at The Good View. We had so much fun! After all, as the saying goes, if you can’t get down to Slot Machine, you don’t love music and you don’t love life.

slot machine


Day 2:

We almost got eaten by this dragon! Rowr!


Just kidding, you guys. It wasn’t a real dragon. But we had fun pretending it was because we’re a family and that’s what families do. Pretend and laugh!


Day 3:

After watching Slot Machine, we needed somethign a little harder to rock out to. So we went to experience the thrash metal strummings of Ivory is Death. It. Was. So. Much. Fun. I bought this kickass t-shirt!

ivory is death

Wait, sorry. This isn’t actually a band t-shirt. It’s a chilling reminder of our responsibility to not murder elephants for their ivory. Ha ha whoops!


Day 4:

I saw this sign and just kept walking, you guys.

women's prison


Day 5:

We saw ALL of these Muay Thai fights and it was very exciting. And yet…

muay thai ad

The best fight of the whole trip was between these gold robots. They were fighting in mid-air!

gold robots


Day 6:

In Bangkok, you are not permitted to enter a bathroom unless you cross your legs and make a half frowny face. Such an amazing culture!



Day 7:

What a lot of people don’t realize about Bangkok is that the servant class is largely occupied by fish. They clean feet [below], wash dishes and are expected to revolt any day now.

feet cleaning


Day 8:

I was told that this was a traditional Thai tea ceremony.

thai tea ceremony


Day 9:

A certain amount of decorum is required when visiting the Grand Palace. Good thing I wasn’t wearing anything blue (or my yellow t-shirt with little boobies on them).

large legs


Day 10:

This is a view of Bangkok from atop an enormous bird, which is the principal mode of travel for Bankokers.

bangkok skyline header


Day 11:

In northern Thailand, 7 Eleven just barely gets higher billing than great bathrooms.

7 eleven


Day 12:

This guy sucker punched an elephant right inside its mouth, but then the elephant got his revenge…

elephant mouth

… he ate him!


Day 13:

4-Year-Old: “Hi, yourself, pretty lady.”

He is incorrigibile.

pretty lady


Day 14:

So sad. These babies were born with the inability to change their facial expressions.

babies in teacups

So many memories!

But what about YOU guys? What are YOUR favourite memories of my family’s vacation? Were you even there?! I didn’t see you!

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  • Nate Lawler says:

    I went to Thailand to last summer. Thai ladies there are the most beautiful in the world. I even met a beautiful woman named SookiSooki. She was very tall, like a model. She also had very deep voice that reminded me of Scarlett Johansen (so sexy). There was kind of a language barrier in the beginning, but by the second week, the only language spoken was the language of love. You know what I’m talking about. As in making love. She was also very shy and always took her clothes off with the lights off (yes, I like old fashioned). Anyway, we talk every day, and next month she is coming to stay with me. I know my dad is kind of racist or whatever (he fought in Korea and calls Asians bad names), but I know he will learn to love SookiSooki as much as I do. Who knows, I might even ask her to marry me (I’ve been saving up). Wish me luck!

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