Monday Affirmations: Deep Illness Edition

I’m still pretty sick, you guys. Not sure what’s happening, but I’m on lots of antibiotics, flu medicine and something called “peyote”.

And if we’re being honest with each other, I should say that I’ve never worn sweatpants this much in my life. My little miracle baby keeps giving me this look, as if to say, “Sweatpants? Again?”

I’ve also been guzzling down hot chocolate like I’m trying to win a contest. And a lot of the hot chocolate ended up on the sweatpants. My little miracle baby now refers to them as “Hot choco-pants.” He thinks it’s hilarious and I’d certainly love to laugh along but there’s a virus that’s devouring me from the inside.

I didn’t really have a lot of energy for affirmations this week, but I did my best. Hope they’re helpful…

  • Just because I’m a parent doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to become horrifically ill.
  • Gimme some hot chocolate and leave me alone about the sweatpants!
  • Just because I’m sick, doesn’t mean I’m entitled to yell at people, demanding hot chocolate and snacks.
  • People who wear sweatpants are often the subject of ridicule. I can’t change that.
  • I can try to wear “nicer” sweatpants, but at the end of the day, they’re still sweatpants.
  • Jeggings are not sweatpants, but they are also subject to ridicule.

Have a great week! Why is it so cold in here?!

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