I Wrote an Essay about my Lady Friend’s Pregnancy

Look, you know me.  I’m a really confident daddy.  It comes really natural to me because there’s nothing more important to me than my little miracle baby.  And money.  (Keep forgetting to throw that in there.  Money’s a big deal, you guys.)

But this wasn’t always the case.  In fact, during my lady friend’s pregnancy, I probably dropped the ball a few times as far as being a supportive partner is concerned.

I know what you’re thinking.  “That sounds like a wildly entertaining period of your life.  Is there any way I can experience it?  I love to laugh and I fill my life with meaning by reading amazingly written essays.”

Well, you are in luck because I wrote about my lady friend’s pregnancy in Cosmopolitan Pregnancy magazine.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.

And maybe you haven’t.  

Either way… enjoy!

Click to enlarge and have a great time.



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