“Let’s take it to the streets”: The Globber Scooter Review

“Just get on your scooter. And ride. Ride!”

Those are the famous words of Richard A. Ricardo, who invented the original scooter in 1932 in Papua New Guinea (Ed. Note: Please fact check this).

Of course, Richard (or “Rico,” as he may have been called for fun) was locked up in an institution for the mentally insane but physically gifted yet spiritually puzzled (Ed. Note: Fact check immediately) – but his words still ring true to this day.

If you have a scooter, all you need to do is get on it and ride. And it was in that spirit that my four-year-old son ran an elaborate test run of the Globber MYTOO Fix.

Of course, what neither of us realised was that riding a two-wheel scooter is very different from riding a three-wheeler, which, up to that moment, was the only thing my son had experienced.

The two-wheel version is for ages five and up, but when I asked my son if he’d like the two-wheel version or the three-wheel version, he said, “Whatever makes me look and feel the baddest.”

I’d never heard him talk that way and I was a little intimidated, to be honest, so I went ahead with the two-wheel version.

globber 2

Look at that Globber go!



The first thing I discovered was that it’s easy to put together. Not as easy as not putting it together at all and just watching TV. But still pretty easy.

Staring at the finished product, I was certain that the boy would not be able to handle this. But after I strapped his helmet on, he grabbed the handlebars, looked me dead in the eye and said, “Let’s take it to the streets.”

Again, I was not familiar or comfortable with this kind of talk but I found myself swayed by the boy’s confidence. He’s quite charismatic and convincing when he wants to be.

globber 1

He’s like the Flash – on a scooter!! Scooter Flash, they’ll call him!



So how did it ride? Very well, from what I could see. The boy was a bit wobbly at first, but eventually he was pushing himself along with a great deal of confidence like a very young Mad Max, growling for everyone to get out of his way.

“Coming up on yer right, grandma!” he shouted at an older woman.

“Vroom!” he roared at a group of schoolgirls. “No time to talk, ladies. I’m on my scooter! Vroom!”

“Avengers assemble!” he screamed, apparently unconcerned with trademark copyright laws.



I hope you won’t think me superficial, but looking good is the most important consideration in every area of life. It’s not even my opinion. That’s a fact.

And the Globber did not disappoint in that department. It is very sleek and impressive looking. In fact, when we took the Globber down by the harbour, across from the Opera House, I overheard a couple gasp at the “breathtaking view” – and they were looking at the Globber!

globber opera house bridge

The mighty Globber rears up on Sydney Harbour!



Nothing exploded while my boy was riding the Globber, so that’s a good sign. His unpredictable swerving almost made a man spill his coffee, which may have been quite hot, but there’s no way to know for sure.

And while we didn’t throw it off a building or anything, the Globber did seem very sturdy. I had to tighten the main shaft a couple of times to make sure the handle bars stayed aligned with the front wheel.

If it makes you feel better, there is a rear brake, which didn’t do my boy any good because he has no idea how to use it. He just puts his foot down to stop.

Regardless, you should do your own research on scooter safety because I don’t know anything about it.

And if you’re looking for a really serious review of this product, I’m not sure where you’d go. I found this video review of the three-wheeler, which is set to comforting calypso music.



It’s $125, which seems reasonable to me, but I don’t know how you’re situated, cash-wise.


Capped Servicing

I don’t know what this means.

globber 3

“Who is that gorgeous child on that incredible scooter?!” – what everyone was thinking.


Service Interval

Again, no clue what this means. We’re still talking about scooters, right?



When selling used items, a lot of people make the mistake of lowering the original price. Big mistake. If you need to sell your Globber, I would raise the price. How else are you going to make a profit?!



There’s no engine. This is a scooter.



Are you even listening? It’s a scooter, I said.



Yes, I am a bit thirsty, thank you.



That depends on your child’s legs.



Well, how strong is your child? If he or she is really strong, you’ll probably get a lot of torque. If he or she is weak and puny, probably not.


Fuel Capacity

You can put all the fuel you want into this thing and it won’t make a damn bit of difference. It’s a scooter!

globber opera house

The Globber surveys its territory…

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