Friday Funzone Five: Your Weekend Reading

It’s time again for the Friday Funzone Five, you guys.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and I’ve got big plans. Big plans. Don’t know what they are specifically as yet. All I know is that they’re going to be huge. Go big or go home, that’s my motto.

Here’s some stuff from the Internet:

This upset a lot of mommy bloggers, who also happen to hate being called mommy bloggers, FYI. Not me. Call me a mommy blogger, daddy blogger, whatever you want. We’re friends.

Don’t know if you guys were aware of this, but babies ruin marriages according to this thing. Even little miracle babies? Probably not. But those of you without little miracle babies should be deeply concerned.

This is a fun history of bad baby advice.

As I always suspected, all my fat friends are trying to make me fat.

This guy juggled a soccer ball for a long time. Very impressive.