FIRST PICS!!! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ celebrity baby!!!

Sweetness alert! Sweetness alert!

The very first photos of the first child of Bollywood super couple showbusiness Tinseltown celebrities Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have emerged and they are every bit as adorable as you might have guessed.

With her happy face and megawatt smile, little baby Violent (nicknamed Smudge), who was born only weeks ago, has already won over her proud papa Ryan.

“This is a disastrous breach of privacy,” the Monster Munchies star gushed when made aware of the leaked photos. “But we are blessed to have Smudge in our lives.”

LOL. We’re not sure what privacy is, but the abs-tastic Wrestle the Moon actor certainly sounds like he’s OVER the moon with his newborn gorgeous bundle of cuteness.

Indeed, you’d have to have a heart made of cold, cruel stone not to love these photos of teeny tiny Smudge, who appears to have the ability to transform herself into various creatures of the wild, like some sort of shapeshifter!

Take a look!


That orange mouth! That large white belly! Little Smudge is already a picture perfect copy of her parents, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who are public figures!

baby 3

Smudge always finds a reason to smile…


Here, little Smudge can be seen viciously snarling at hospital visitors, including Jennifer Aniston, Barack Obama and Geraldo Rivera.

baby 2

Don’t get too close to Smudge!


Smudge, who’s already earned another nickname – “The Growler” – prepares to pounce on an abandoned plate of fish and chips!

baby 4

She’s so cute when she’s angry!


Bedtime! After a fifth attempted escape from the hospital, sweet baby Smudge is all tuckered out from a day of fighting off park rangers.

baby 1

Science will be studying Smudge’s mysterious powers for decades to come!


Of course, no one is happier than proud papa Blake, who took a break from filming the highly anticipated Hungry Hungry Hippos remake to give birth. When reached at home, the sleep-deprived Last Stop on the Trubble Train star could only manage a slow, drawn out “Smuuuuuuuuuuudge”.

Sounds like somebody’s smitten…

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