Father Son Film Fun: Amelia

Paternity leave, like religion, means different things to different people.  I’m sure for some fathers and sons or daughters, it means getting out into the world and accomplishing things, solving ethnic disputes and inventing devices that play music AND read the news AND make birds angry.

For me and my little miracle baby, it means watching movies.  But, as I’m discovering, the boy’s not the easiest person to watch movies with, especially if he doesn’t like something.  There’s a lot of eye rolling, groaning and reaching for the remote.

Here’s some of his commentary from the other day, when we were watching the Amelia, which I found to be just utterly delightful:

My Little Miracle Baby: “Amelia Earhart was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone, but I’m probably not the first person to fall asleep while watching this movie.  Yawn.  Baby sleepy!”

MLMB: “This is definitely Ewan McGregor’s best work.  If you don’t count anything else he’s ever done, including making himself a sandwich.  Zing!  Babababa!”

MLMB: “I hope whoever Richard Gere is talking to tells him this movie was a big mistake.  Babababa.  Fast forward!”

MLMB: “Alice in Wonderland is in this movie?  They should have called this Alice in Snoringland!  Babababa.  Good night!  I said good night!”