Can Anyone Ever Really Be Safe?

Look, you know me.  I hate to complain.  But I just don’t understand why we bother with these We-Must-Protect-the-Baby-from-Those-Nasty-Nasty-Corners things.  They’re supposed to look like this:

But by the time my little miracle baby is finished with them, they end up on the floor, looking like this:


I feel the same way about these Oh-My-Heavens-How-Will-We-Ever-Survive-If-the-Baby-Opens-the-Horror-Cupboards-of-Doom.  They’re supposed to look like this:


But they end up looking like this:


And then I just end up putting everything high on a shelf like this:


Seriously, how much longer do we have to stay on this ridiculous merry go round?

This post may or may not have been brought to you by Bum Hummers:

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