Again With the Inappropriate T-Shirts for Kids!

You guys, this child t-shirt controversy refuses to go away.

I thought I had pretty much settled the issue when I got rid of all my little miracle baby’s offensive t-shirts that he had been sent from family, friends and well-wishers.  But now, in addition to being sexist, the t-shirts are getting sexual and even religious. According to this thing I read, Sears was selling t-shirts for kids with messages like “Nice Girls Don’t Use Pepper Spray”, “Hung Like Daddy” and “Believe in God.”

At first, I didn’t believe it.  Why would anyone put such outrageous messages on clothing for children?  But then I went shopping for some clothes for my son, and I was shocked and horrified and appalled by what I found…

I mean, I’m all for pushing the envelope, but some of the messages on these t-shirts were really offensive…

“I Kick Nuts”

“This Sexually Suggestive Song IS MY JAM!”

“Are You Looking to Get Pregnant?”

“Check Out These Dumplings!”

“You’re a Sinner”

“I’m Serving 5 to 10 for Kicking Nuts”

“Talk to the Hand”

“Talk to My Nuts”

“What Would Jesus Do?”

“I’m Not Pregnant, I Love Dumplings”

“Jesus Wouldn’t Eat That Last Dumpling”

“Jesus Is Invited to My Birthday Party, but You’re Not”

“Only God Can Judge Me”

“Only God Can Judge American Idol”

“Check Out My Nuts”

I could go on, but I’m turning red from embarrassment, you guys!


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