A New Thing on the Internet Harangues Me for Feeding My Little Miracle Baby with a Spoon

You guys, in the past, I’ve featured a lot of conversations with my little miracle baby where he makes fun of my shape.  Yes, it’s true.  I have curves.  But what you might now know is that my baby isn’t exactly ready for the Victoria’s Secret catwalk himself.  That’s right.  He’s got a bit of a weight problem.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know it’s baby fat and, of course, I would love him even if he weighed 300 pounds.  What’s been frustrating me is that I have no idea why the boy’s getting so big.

But then I read this thing on the Internet that says feeding my baby with a spoon is what’s making him fat. At first, I was all like, “WTF?  How dare they?  What am I supposed to feed him with?  A shoe?”

Then it occurred to me that maybe it’s what you put in the spoon that makes a the baby fat.  I’ve been using a home made mixture of lard, chocolate pudding and pureed fried chicken.  Do you think that’s the problem?

Also, this is the spoon I’ve been using:

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