9 Things Not to Say on Mother’s Day


We’ve all been there.

It’s Mother’s Day. You’ve put a lot of work into making sure it’s the best day ever. Everything is going great. Then you say something that completely ruins the mood and maybe even the day, undoing all that wonderful effort you’ve made.

Well, you don’t need to have that problem anymore, with this incredible list of the nine things you should never say on Mother’s Day.

You’re welcome!

“I have to catch up on season 7 of Supernatural.”

“When is Mother’s Day?”

“I need to borrow $7,000.”

“We have kids?!”

“Who are you? How did I get here?”

“That’s what the flower fascists WANT you to think!”

“Let’s watch Father’s Day, starring Billy Crystal.”

“Don’t touch me.”

“What is Mother’s Day?”



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