20 Worse Baby Names than Hashtag

I can’t believe how caught up in Hashtag-Baby-Namegate everyone is. This thing on the Internet even declared it the worst baby name of our time.

Everyone just needs to relax. There are a lot worse names to give your baby.

Here are 20 of them:

1. Computer Baby III

2. Hand Sanitiser 

3. Modem 

4. Track Pad 

5. Danger Mouse 

6. Gigabyte 


8. Sir Blogs-a-lot 

9. iPad Mini 

10. Photoshop 

11. HTML 

12. Facebook 

13. California Raisins 

14. Dumdum 

15. Floppy 

16. Bank Statement 

17. Scissor Patrol 

18. Push Up Bra 

19. Donkeyface California Raisinface 

20. Horse Hump 


[Photo via stock.xchng.]


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